Video Transcript

INTERVIEWER: Whether you could shed anymore light on the surprise announcements that Merriston’s Chief Financial Officer, David Silvers, was leaving the company immediately for health reasons.

ALEC: We are confident that we’ve found a very able replacement in Andrew Sargent.

BRIAN: That's why I fought so hard for you to get this job, the big new salary and the chance to make a name for yourself.

ANDREW: And then I got that phone call from Brian and I was surprised, of course, even though he’d been very loyal to me at Bowerfield.

SARAH: armies of independent consultants" had been drafted in to help find a solution?

DEREK: Expected losses on this project were always going to be significantly more than the 7.5 million provision. That’s all it says? Nothing more?

ALEC: We couldn’t have known this.

DEBRA: The agents engaged by our local management has been questioned on whether bribes were made to government officials.

ALEC: I’ll have to have a word with Brian. He might see the sudden arrival of external investigators as a sign he's lost the support of the board.

ANDREW: I don’t think I can go along with this Brian

DEREK: Well I think we should get the auditors in now.