We have considerable experience of providing training which has been particularly well received by
our clients. We can provide training to your team in the form of a face-to-face workshop, webinar or
online training.


We are at the forefront of innovations in training. Our highly acclaimed film “Counting the Cost” is designed to be used with boards of directors and key internal gatekeepers at companies to raise awareness of risks and to focus on best practices in preventing and detecting fraud and bribery and corruption. The film was written and produced by DLA Piper’s Corporate Crime, Investigations & Compliance team.

The film features a fictitious company and shows graphically how a company’s board, audit committee and key internal gatekeepers such as its General Counsel and Head of Internal Audit react to issues raised over a two-year financial reporting period, and the consequences for the company and for them personally flowing from their actions.

The film is designed to be run as part of a risk awareness training workshop with relevance to the work of non-executive directors, executive management, in-house counsel, company secretaries, compliance officers, internal auditors and those engaged in risk management and Directors and Officers insurance procurement.

The film splits into several parts which is designed to allow discussion as to what issues have arisen in prior scenes and how the board or company officers have handled those issues and whether alternative actions might have been more effective.

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We have developed an ethics awareness and training workshop around our film “In At The Deep End” which has been created out of the same storyline as “Counting The Cost” with some additional scenes. 

The focus of “In at the Deep End” is management ethics and it examines the choices which are made by company managers and the consequences of those choices. It is designed to prompt thoughts and discussion about how the characters in the film should have behaved and to raise awareness about the serious consequences of carrying out or assisting with any misconduct. 

To arrange for a screening of the film at your company or organisation please contact us.


We have over 15 years’ experience in defending raids conducted by many different regulators and investigating authorities, including those involved in corruption and competition matters. This extensive experience means that we are uniquely placed to help our clients manage the immediate pressures of the situation – giving the appropriate level of cooperation to the investigators while safeguarding the client’s legitimate interests by ensuring that the investigators do not exceed their authority. Many of our staff who have worked for the various regulators and  investigating authorities have practical experience of various raid situations. They are well acquainted with the practices, procedures and legal issues which come into play during raid situations.

We offer tailor-made raid training which can prepare your staff – from reception and security staff, to the legal department, senior management and board members. We ensure that they know how to react and have a procedure to follow which minimises the risks of either giving too much information away to the investigators or obstructing the investigation.

If clients already have dawn raid procedures in place we can conduct a review or carry out mock training raids to provide a real time stress test of these procedures. This will either give assurances that your procedures are current and working well or will help you to identify and rectify any weaknesses.

To arrange for us to provide training at your company or organisation or to discuss the various options further please contact us.

Anti-bribery and corruption

We have considerable experience of providing training on such matters that cuts through the myths and misconceptions of the UK Bribery Act which has been particularly well received. Training on this or the FCPA can be provided in the form of a face-to-face workshop, webinar or online training. We can include qualifying sections so that you can guarantee that your staff have understood the guidelines to a certain level.  

To arrange for us to provide training at your company or organisation or to discuss the various options further please contact us.